Spectrum of activities of ATEKO a.s. in the cooling and cryogenic engineering:

  • cold storage coolers of water and glycol,
  • equipment for cooling liquids,
  • air coolers of flue gases for foundries,
  • vapor recovery units of volatile organic substances in subcooled solvent,
  • low-temperature tanks and storage facilities,
  • cooling of aggressive liquid and gases,
  • engineering, design, and construction of equipments for liquefying helium and other gases, heat exchangers, air distribution apparatuses etc.,
  • liquefaction, storage and recondenzation equipment at CO2, N2O aj.,
  • cryogenic crushing of rubber,
  • cryogenic removal of paints from coated hooks in the paint shops,
  • cooling and freezing boxes (cooling with liquid N2),
  • low-temperature turbocompressors, helium expansion turbines.

Technologies for cooling liquids

ACHV COOLSET - accumulation cooler

If you are need a big cooling power in a short time, you would rather avoid investing in overdimensional cooling systems. If your cooling requirements are intermittent or fluctuated cooling procedures, your are invited to take an optimal solution, which is the installation of the ACHV accumulation water cooler with output temperature form 0 up to +5 °C.

Where sub-zero temperature ranges are required, the ACHV accumulation cooler with glycol is available with glycol output temperature from -2 up to -4 °C.

ZCHV - Unit for cooling liquids

Where the end temperature of medium is required close to that of cooling water, and where the water from the water mains is used for cooling there will be an outstanding opportunity to achieve remarkable financial saving through the application of the ZCHV unit for cooling liquids with closed circuit. The above units (ZCHVs) propose setting out the temperature of cooling water as required. The value so set is automatically kept up.

Application examples water cooling units:

  • air conditioning,
  • chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries,
  • cooling oils and emulsion at metalworking process,
  • cooling presses, welding automates, lasers, and hydraulic equipment,
  • cooling the purification, neutralization and galvanic baths.

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