Engineering activities

The team of our skilled experts disposes of more than twenty year lasting expertise in the computer-simulation of the state of stress of the parts of machinery and pressure vessels, as well as, in concern with engineering projects and construction of the appliances and apparatus in the chemical food and refrigeration industries:

  • pre-design studies, computer analyses and designs,
  • design activities: BASIC ENGINEERING (process designs of environmental, refrigeration, energy and cryogenic equipments, materials and energy balances, and apparatus designs DETAIL ENGINEERING (detailed diagrams, constructions, engineering designs),
  • engineering activities: engineering designs and prototypes of the unique and/or specific machines and appliances,
  • analysis of static and dynamic stress by the method of the final elements.

Process engineering:

  • treatment of gases and gaseous mixtures (purification, separation, liquefaction, transport-devices, storage),
  • production of gases (biomass gasification),
  • production of biodiesel and oil filtration,
  • environmental technologies, recovery and liquidation of hydrocarbon-mixtures,
  • thermal processes, expansion engines.

Design activities in the course of construction

The team of our skilled experts makes the complete engineering and designs of industrial, environmental and civil complexes including reconstruction and modernization. Consultancy and expertise services are provided by our experts including the solution of the specific demands of the clients. Design and engineering activities comprise:

  1. General designs and feasibility studies
  2. Civil engineering - survey activities, designs of industrial and civil plants, basic and detail engineering, start-up and commissioning.
  3. Special engineering - traffic networks, consolidated stock yards, crane tracks etc.
  4. Heat sources - heating plants, incinerating plants, heat exchanger stations, stand-by power supply systems.
  5. Heating - engineering and designs of various kinds of heating.
  6. Air technology - ventilation, air heating, suction and exhaust devices, heat recuperation, air conditing.
  7. Electrical engineering - electric current distribution systems, HV and VHV networks, transformers, control, automation and regulation technology.
  8. Technological designs - engineering technology (pressing shops, machining shops, etc.), special transport and handling technology (storing).
  9. Industrial distribution systems - gas pipelines pressure reducing stations, storages of technical gases including distribution systems, compressor units.
  10. Engineering services - preliminary designs, documents for planning and building permission, projects of realisation, basic design, detail engineering, procurement, site supervision, obtention of the opinions of the relevant authorities and co-ordination with them at final certification.
  11. Deliveries of complete investments plans

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